Arista Pratama Jaya expertise in the area of mechanical and electrical installations. Our capabilities includes :

    1. HVAC : Chilled water system, Refrigerant based system, Ducting and Ventilation systems.
    2. Plumbing : Potable water system, Waste water system, Grey water system, Stormwater system, Sewage Treatment Plant, Deepwell.
    3. Fire Fighting : Hydrant and sprinkler systems, Fire suppression systems.
    4. Electrical : Medium voltage systems, Low voltage systems, Lighting system, Lightning arrester and grounding system, Generator set.
    5. Electronic : Fire alarm system, CCTV system, MATV system, Telecommunication and data systems.
    6. Specific System : Green building, Industrial piping system (compressed air, vacuum, gas pipes), Hospital clean rooms, Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and validation, Data centres.


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    (021) 8302150 / (Fax) 8314377
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    JL.Tebet Barat Dalam Raya No.35
    Jakarta Selatan, 12810