About Us


Arista Pratama Jaya was established in 1982 as engineering and contractors company specialised in mechanical and electrical services installations.

Through out years of experience our project portfolio has grown from simple commercial building to a large scale and prestigious establishments in Indonesia. However, our core values remain unchanged, which is to provide our clients with a reliable and trustworthy solution to installations and complete every project with honesty and good faith. This in turn has supported many of our clients to succeed with every project we were involved.

Our expertise includes system installations of HVAC, plumbing, fire fighting, electrical and electronic. We also cater for specialised systems installations, such as green building, services installations of industrial plant, data centres, hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, which includes system validations. We have our own duct manufacturing facility to ensure the quality of ductworks is equal for all of our projects. Our duct manufacturing facility only served ducts production for our projects exclusively. We treat our employees as our own family and are committed to support our employees and their families in pursuing their dreams. Our culture has helped our employees to uphold our core values and implement them to their everyday life. Throughout the years we have acquired competent people in their field to improve our knowledge, capabilities and reliability. We also help our employees through training and guidance to help them grow and be as experienced, reliable and skillful as what they strive to be. Their growing contributions have helped us to provide our clients with a higher quality and reliable engagement of our services.

Vision :
Become a ME contractor who entered the top 5 category in indonesia and is the main choice of project owner.
Mission :
1. Improving the quality of work and competitive advantage of the company on an ongoing basis.
2. Living a good relationship and giving satisfaction to all external parties involved.
3. Increase corporate growth and earnings.
4. Developing the potential, skills and welfare of employees.
5. Creating work processes that support environmental sustainability.
Kebijakan Mutu :
Kami sanggup melaksanakan pekerjaan mekanikal dan elektrikal untuk bangunan dengan kualitas sesuai yang diharapkan pelanggan secara tepat waktu dan memperhatikan keselamatan dalam pelaksanaan pekerjaan. Untuk itu, kami berkomitmen untuk:
A. Ahli di bidang mekanikal dan elektrikal bangunan.
R. Responsif terhadap kebutuhan pelanggan.
I. Inovatif dalam penguasaan aspek konstruksi dan engineering.
S. Standar kualitas yang konsisten.
T. Taat terhadap jadwal dan peraturan perundangan yang berlaku.
A. Aktif dalam meningkatkan sistem manajemen mutu.


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